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Your digital robot that, with artificial intelligence and automation, does the work for you, optimizing time and costs. And without errors!

By incorporating the digital workforce you can increase your profitability, boosting your organization's results.

What is a Digital Robot?

The Digital Robot is a technology solution capable of performing specific tasks in business processes. They are digital employees (or digital workforce) that streamline and optimize human work by combining machine learning, artificial intelligence-based skills, and RPA process automation.

Having a digital workforce that empowers people's work will allow your staff to focus on creative and innovative processes, and your business to grow and prosper.

The digital robot allows you to automate repetitive processes that were previously carried out by humans.

Benefits of working with ZAIA

Improve employee

The digital workforce allows your staff to dedicate their time to functions with higher yields, and automate the other tasks. Digital robots favor collaboration among team members through more agile, faster and error-free workflows.

Save time and costs

Our Digital Robots allow you to save time and costs, streamline your processes, and minimize errors. Facilitate your digital transformation to make it fast and cost-effective.

Improve customer

By allowing digital robots to perform repetitive tasks to meet the needs of different departments and operations, while human teams are free to provide quality and warm service to the highest level of customers. By standardizing processes, your results are more efficient.

Improved decision making

The digital workforce ensures that commitments are met in a timely manner as they follow the exact processes as defined in your standards. Benchmarking your digital workforce ensures complete control over all aspects of the work they perform. This allows you to make decisions with accurate and timely information.

ZAIA Finance & Accounting

Accounts payable and receivable processing

Zaia allows you to almost completely eliminate human activity from the company’s accounts payable processing, allowing you to get the most out of your SAP and ERP system. It also opens customer accounts, issues billing and collection notifications, and processes payments.

New vendor account

Zaia sets up new vendors, and generates purchase orders, captures emailed invoices, extracts billing data, compares purchase order amounts and shipping receipt slips, and authorizes payments.

Balance sheet and
reconciliation automation

Zaia helps you process reconciliations, manual journal entries, and performs cost center updates, preparing regulatory and financial reports.

Financial analysis and planning

 Zaia groups and systematizes data for budgeting and forecasting, preparing management reports.

Fiscal operations

Zaia provides you with data from internal and external sources to facilitate fiscal accounting, tax reporting and sales and excise tax calculation.

Fraud detection and prevention

ZAIA helps detect anomalies and report suspicious activity. Machine learning, analytics and reporting focus on improving risk profiling.

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Reduction in processing times

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Unlimited billing capacity

ZAIA Sales & Marketing

Integrate customer data across multiple systems

ZAIA accesses multiple systems to extract, analyze or process historical or other information.

Increased campaign accuracy

Zaia allows you to increase customer engagement by integrating and processing fragmented data across geographies and channels, resulting in more personalized interactions and sales.

Increase conversions

Zaia makes it easier to convert customers through the qualification and continuous follow-up of leads

Process sales nimbly
and quickly

Zaia helps you speed up the time it takes from lead assignment to closing the entire process with customer research to quote and legal documents.

Improve sales team productivity

Zaia automates administrative tasks and empowers sales reps and commercial areas with time to develop quality customer relationships.

Optimize sales and marketing reporting

Zaia adds value from collecting data from multiple sources to have a single view in a dashboard that allows us to make decisions from a better perspective.

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Improved customer satisfaction

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Reduction in sales cycles

ZAIA in Human Resources

Increases employee engagement

Zaia allows you to improve your employees’ experience by automating administrative processes.

Saves time and
improves results

Zaia helps its employees to prioritize strategic tasks for the organization: promoting talent development and resource planning.

Optimizes the hiring and retirement of personnel

Zaia performs tasks to generate a fluid exchange with the personnel to be incorporated or to leave the organization.

Improved data management
and analysis

Zaia accesses any application to collect, consolidate and update data across all systems.

Ensures compliance in reporting and reduces errors.

Zaia performs audit trails automatically and guarantees data accuracy.

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Increased productivity

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Error rate

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