Save $ millions with AI-Powered Workflow Automation as a Service.

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Seamless automation solutions tailored for medium-sized enterprises, eliminating manual tasks and transforming how companies work.

Transforming operations globally

Zagitas leverages over six years of global experience and has implemented over 70 use cases to streamline operations, offering a cost-effective Opex model with a guaranteed ROI.

AI powered process automation as a service

We help mid-size enterprises save millions annually by automating their business processes, allowing them to trade Capex for Opex. By training and implementing our digital bots to handle high-volume, repetitive tasks, we guarantee a substantial return on investment (ROI).

Eliminating errors and delays by more than 95%

Reducing operational costs by up to 30%

Increasing workflow speed by 7x

Giving staff more time for strategic and human-centered work.

How we transform your business

Our method for transforming your business operations is meticulously designed to ensure every step enhances efficiency and promotes growth.


Identify and Develop

We consult with our clients to identify specific tasks or processes that are suitable for automation. Once identified, customized bots are developed to replicate these actions accurately.


Evaluate Potential ROI

We assess the ROI for each process identified for automation. This evaluation helps prioritize which processes to automate based on their potential to reduce costs, save time, and increase efficiency.


Train and Deploy

The bots are trained and deployed to the business environment where they begin automating designated tasks. We adjust the bots to work efficiently and interact seamlessly with other systems and tools.


Deliver Insights

We provide a dashboard and control centre to monitor bot activity. Providing insights into bot performance, including processing times, success rates, and any issues encountered.


Discover Opportunities

We pinpoint additional processes that could benefit from automation. This ongoing discovery phase helps extend automation across more areas of the business, increasing overall efficiency.


Monitor and Optimize

We continuously monitor the bots, making adjustments to deal with any new challenges or changes in business processes, and refining bot operations to enhance productivity and performance further.

Streamline your operations with our powerful digital workforce

Transforming industries from Supply Chain & Operations, Finance & Accounting, Sales, Human Resources, and beyond.

AI Powered Workflow Automation

Simplify complex processes with seamless integration and ongoing management of automated workflows, freeing up your team to focus on strategic tasks.​

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Make every repetitive task faster and more efficient. Deploy robots that work 24/7, boosting your throughput and freeing up human creativity for where it’s needed most

Generative AI Co-Pilots

Achieve smarter, context-aware automation through AI Co-Pilots, designed to elevate your business processes. Our AI systems learn and adapt to optimize performance continuously.

Our technology partners

Our solutions are powered by some of the most respected names in technology

Business process automation designed for multiple departments

Drive value in critical areas of your organization with our automation technology, designed to deliver guaranteed ROI and streamline operations across business functions.

Supply Chain and Operations

Streamline your operations with automation that optimizes supply chain management and reduces downtime. Our tools help you manage inventory more efficiently, improve delivery times, and reduce operational costs.

Finance and Accounting

Automate your financial workflows to achieve unparalleled accuracy and speed in transactions and reporting. Our solutions help you close the books faster and maintain compliance with evolving regulations. Simplify complex financial processes, from payroll to auditing, ensuring your financial data is both accurate and timely.


Boost your sales strategies with automation that streamlines the entire sales cycle. Our solutions ensure you spend less time on manual reporting and administrative tasks and more time engaging with your customers.

Human Resources

Our HR automation services take the hassle out of employee lifecycle management, from hiring to retirement. Streamline processes like payroll, benefits administration, and compliance tracking, freeing your team to focus on strategic initiatives and employee engagement.

Driving operation performance with the help of our partners

We are endorsed by some of the top startup accelerators in North America.


Collaborating closely with our partners, we have leveraged their expertise and networks to foster innovation and enhance our services. These partnerships serve as a testament to the strength of our solutions.

Save millions in 6 weeks with guaranteed ROI

Choose Zagitas and give your team the tools to succeed with our streamlined, pay-per-use automation solutions. Implemented in just six weeks and guaranteed to deliver ROI, our services are designed to save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Take the first step towards revolutionizing your workflows—click to learn more and start today.

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