We scale your business with
digital robots

We boost your company's results with automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence, increasing sales and reducing costs.

We provide Digital Robots which augment human work by combining AI and process automation to get the job done in fraction of the time, costs and higher accuracy

About Zagitas

We deliver solutions with automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). We provide digital robots, which integrate AI technologies, RPA, Chatbots, Business Intelligence, among other technologies, to become a digital assistant working in your office.

Our team has extensive experience in both business and technology. We focus on achieving ROI quickly, generating results in a few weeks. We are passionate in the work we do and are obsessed in keeping our customers’ satisfied.

Our purpose

To enable people and businesses across the world to make their organizations more efficient through the aid of a workforce of digital robots.

With process automation, we want to free people from the repetitive and mundane, allowing for the full human potential to express itself in meaningful work which focuses on reflection, creativity, innovation and building relationships.

What are we passionate about





Diversity & Inclusion



People’s growth &emocional intelligence


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Where we are


325 Front St W, Toronto ON M5V 2Y1


German Schreiber 276, Lima 15047


The level of service and technology they provide is remarkable, addressing everything we needed to optimize our processes. They guided and assisted us in identifying our needs, and preparing us for a smooth and seamless rollout.

Julio Dongo



Zagitas demonstrated extensive knowledge in Analytics and Automation, along with the BI & AI technologies needed to achieve results and impact in business analytics.

Additionally, and not less important, they accompanied us with an agile and simple methodology that allowed us accelerated success, giving us the best of their experience in obtaining results.

Miguel Espinal



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