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Supply Chain & Operations

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Streamlining supply chains and logistics operations for maximum reliability and performance

Enhance your supply chain and operations by automating complex processes, ensuring coordination from procurement to distribution.

Improves order management efficiency

Automate routine tasks and streamline order processing, reducing manual errors and allowing for faster order fulfillment.

Optimizes warehouse operations

Automate warehouse processes, such as receiving, storage, and picking, leading to better inventory accuracy and faster order fulfillment.

Improves supply chain visibility

Track inventory levels, shipping status, and delivery times, while getting real-time visibility across the entire supply chain.

Saves time and improves results

Automate strategic tasks, such as order fulfillment, inventory management, and supplier collaboration, allowing for improved operational efficiency.

Enhances customer satisfaction

Streamline order tracking to provide customers with real-time information on the status of their orders, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Inventory management and tracking

Enable precise control and real-time tracking of inventory levels, helping to reduce excess stock and minimize shortages. Zagitas seamlessly integrates with existing warehouse management systems to optimize storage and retrieval operations.

Order processing and fulfillment

Automate order entry, status tracking, and delivery scheduling, ensuring orders are processed efficiently and customers receive their shipments on time. Easily coordinate between sales, warehouse, and transportation to improve order accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Supply chain coordination

Facilitate seamless communication across the supply chain, from suppliers to end customers. Zagitas automates purchase order generation, shipment tracking, and delivery confirmations, enhancing the coordination of multi-tier supply chain activities.

Quality control and compliance

Streamline quality checks and compliance reporting to ensure products meet industry standards and regulatory requirements. This process leverages sensors and IoT technology to monitor product conditions throughout the supply chain.

Finance and Accounting

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Automate your finance and accounting department end-to-end

Our AI and data-driven automation strategies help move financial and accounting departments ahead.

Accounts payable and receivable processing

Eliminate nearly all human involvement in your company’s accounts payable processing with our services, maximizing the efficiency of your SAP and ERP systems. Our solution also handles the opening of customer accounts, issuing of billing and collection notifications, and processing of payments.

New vendor account

Set up new vendors and generate purchase orders, capture emailed invoices, extract billing data, compare purchase order amounts with shipping receipt slips, and authorize payments automatically.

Balance sheet and reconciliation automation

Process reconciliations, manual journal entries, perform cost center updates, and prepare regulatory and financial reports without any human intervention.

Financial analysis and planning

Group and organize data for budgeting and forecasting, preparing management reports with ease.

Fiscal operations

Automatically acquire data from internal and external sources to facilitate fiscal accounting, tax reporting, and sales and consumption tax calculation.

Fraud detection and prevention

Detect anomalies and report suspicious activity. Machine learning, analytics, and reporting focus on improving risk profiling.


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Consolidated CRM information
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Elevate your sales strategies with targeted automation

Deploy cutting-edge AI to refine your sales processes, and enable your team to focus on creating deeper customer relationships while closing more deals.

Lead management

Automate the initial stages of your sales funnel, efficiently sorting and qualifying leads. We ensure that your sales team spends time engaging only the most promising prospects, boosting conversion rates.

Pricing and quoting automation

Streamline the creation of quotes and the management of pricing models. Automate these critical tasks to deliver accurate proposals faster, reducing turnaround time and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Performance analytics

Enable real-time insights into your sales performance with analytics capabilities. Identify trends, forecast revenue, and adjust strategies promptly to maintain a competitive edge.

Contract and document management

Simplify contract creation and management, ensuring accuracy and compliance. Automate routine document handling to accelerate approvals and keep deals moving forward.

Human Resources

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Employee satisfaction improved
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Providing digital transformation services for human resources

Connect your HR systems and elevate hiring processes with business automation and AI.

Increases employee engagement

Improve your employees’ experience by automating administrative processes that lead to increased job satisfaction and retention.

Saves time and improves results

Prioritize strategic tasks for your organization: promoting talent development and resource planning.

Optimizes the hiring and retirement of personnel

Automate tasks to generate a fluid exchange with the personnel to be incorporated or to leave the organization.

Improved data management and analysis

Use Zagitas to access any application to collect, consolidate and update data across all systems.

Ensures compliance in reporting and reduces errors.

Enhance reporting compliance and minimize errors by performing audit trails automatically to ensure data accuracy.

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